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X-ray exams use a very small dose of ionizing radiation to quickly and painlessly produce images of the body’s internal structures, including organs, blood vessels, connective tissue, and bone.

X-rays are electromagnetic waves that are passed through the body and onto an X-ray plate creating a digital image. Bones and any metal in the body appear white, soft tissues appear as shades of gray and any air in the body appears black. X-ray exams are the oldest form of diagnostic imaging but remain one of the best.

X-ray exams are often used as the baseline imaging to check for a medical problem. The most familiar use is to diagnose broken bones; but x-rays are also used to diagnose conditions such as, skeletal abnormalities, infection, arthritis, bone cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, enlarged heart, lung cancer, digestive tract issues, and the presence of foreign objects.

Mammograms are a form of x-ray that examines breast tissue. Bone density or DEXA exams uses x-ray to determine bone mineral content and density. Computed tomography (CT) also uses x-ray to produce images which can be used to construct 3D images. Fluoroscopy uses continuous x-ray to show moving images of the body. Both CT and Fluoroscopy may require the use of contrast.


X-rays are Available as a Walk-in or Scheduled Online Only Using MyChart.

TGH Imaging conveniently offers digital x-ray exams on a walk-in basis and provides a limited amount of scheduled x-ray appointments available only through our online MyChart patient portal.  The exam is ideally completed within 30 minutes. A patient can expect a quick, comfortable, easy experience with the help of our expert trained technologists who are there to assist you through the exam.

There is no preparation for your x-ray exam but you will need to remove all jewelry and any other metal. You should notify your referring doctor if you have had a barium enema, or any exam that used contrast recently, as it may interfere with your results depending on the area of the body being x-rayed.

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