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Ultrasound is an imaging technique that uses a specialized transducer or probe to generate high-frequency sound waves that produces images of the body’s internal structures with the help of a computer.

These images can be visualized in real-time on a computer monitor. This fast, non-invasive procedure visualizes internal structures without any known harmful effects and without exposing the patient to radiation.

Ultrasound is especially useful to visualize the appearance, size, consistency, and shape of organs as well as abnormalities such as tumors, infections, unexplained pain, swelling or fluid filled structures. Ultrasound can also be used to help guide doctors during tissue biopsies using a technique called ultrasound-guided biopsy. Doppler ultrasound is an advanced ultrasound technique that is used to measure blood flow in terms of speed and direction.

TGH Imaging Powered by Tower provides a wide array of ultrasound exams to meet the needs of patients and referring physicians. During an ultrasound the patient will experience the transducer or probe gliding easily over lubricated skin as the technologist makes sure the right pictures are obtained for the radiologist to review and make an informed diagnosis.

You’ll learn how to properly prepare for your specific ultrasound exam when scheduling your appointment. Generally, most ultrasounds require nothing by mouth after midnight. A pelvic ultrasound or a pelvic with a transvaginal ultrasound requires a full bladder, which is 32oz. of water one hour prior to the exam.

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